Know Why Men Prefer Escort Dating


I’ve met different types of men in the world for I used to work as an escort in the great and wonderful city of the London, like escorts from London escorts is an escort’s service agency who took care the welfare of escort’s woman who fight for life’s battle in survival. I would say survival for I am the one who supports my family’s basic need for my dad past early and my mom left us with nothing. I don’t have anger when it comes to my mom for she is the best mom for us when she is with my dad but when she left I feel a bit jealous to his man now for she chose to be with him than her children. But I cannot do anything on it but to keep going in life a moved on life that I will be the one to cater on. I didn’t finished college so I have to work hard in looking for a job and the job who gives me so much opportunity and trust of my own unique capabilities is the London escorts.

London escorts treated me as a family wherein in times that I needed the most help they are always there most especially on financial needs. Aside from my personal experience why I become an escort I could strongly say that I have the best person to know why men prefer escort dating. Men chose escort dating for there were no commitment involved in the said dating procedure. As of these days men generation they too afraid of commitment for they are pairing commitment with responsibility and most of them were too afraid of responsibility for all they want in life is to enjoy and have fun without thinking of any obligations. As they grow of age and became mature that’s the time they will realize the importance of commitment but there were still some men who doesn’t like the idea of being committed thus they chose to live alone and remain to be single and they are commonly called bachelors. These types of men were on dating escorts all because sexual needs for they do not have partner to do it for them and thus they need an expertise of an escort like London escorts to address their sexual need.

Yes there were types of men in this world but they are only want for one thing that is their sexual need will be attain for they were born to be that sex lover. Though not all men but most of them are really into sex pleasure and orgasm that they want to be satisfied as much as they wanted it to be. London escorts is made in order to cater these kind of needs to men. So you could not see and find any reason why these men love dating an escort for they are be more satisfied sexually by an escort. an ordinary girl could not make what an escort like London escorts do to them.…

The perfect valid point


Windsor escorts from say that a lot of ladies complain that their ex-husbands were only focus on themselves in bed. A lot of male Windsor escorts say that many ladies do end their marriages because of sexual reasons, and the male Windsor escorts that I spoke to say that sex is as just as important to ladies as to men.


To be perfectly honest, male Windsor escorts are perfectly right, men do have a tendency to forget about their partner in bed. I think that male Windsor escorts have a perfect valid point, and that many men forget about their wife’s need. Do manage end because of it? Yes, they do – women need to be loved and enjoy sex as well.


Perhaps male Windsor escorts understand that to us ladies, sex is a very sensual experience. Male Windsor escorts seem to have realized that women are sexual being as well as mothers and wives, and losing sight of that can have dire consequences for a marriage. Many male Windsor escorts have probably listen to what single ladies have said to them.


Turn me on


Ladies need sexual satisfaction as much as men do, and there are certain things that can turn us straight off. Speak to a group of women, and they will soon tell you that cold hands is a real turn off. A lot of men seem to suffer from cold hand syndrome as they get older, and having cold hands put on you can be an awful experience.


This is probably one of the fastest and quickest ways to turn a woman off. If, you just finished having a wash, make sure that your hands are nice and warm before you climb into bed with your wife. This is a simple but effective tip from the Better Sex Guide.



What we like


All women are different and we like different things. However, a lot of ladies do have a lot of insecurities about their bodies, and it might be a good idea to make us feel good about ourselves. We don’t like making love in complete darkness but neither do we like all the lights on. Try soft sensual lighting and we are as happy as anything.


We are not energizer bunnies. Okay, you may have been to work all day but looking after kids does take a lot of energy. It can be totally exhausting and we might just be really tired. By the time we have tucked the kids in, walked your Rottweiler dog and done the dishes – we might be exhausted. Doing the dishes might just give you a lot more than clean plates.


A leading Swedish furniture manufacturers says that ” A good night’s sleep starts the day before”. Well, a ” A good night’s sex starts before you enter the bedroom”.


It may seem a bit strange but sex to women may mean that you help them out to have some time for yourself. You may be walking around with a great big flashing light on your head saying you want sex, but we often feel the same way. Let it be a sensual experience, not just a quick “wham, bam and thank you mam”.…

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